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Salon Soleil was founded in 2004, originally within the Infinite Oasis Village, as a space hosting philosophical exploration in the form of salon-style discussion. In our founding year, we hosted three such discussions to explore the roles of community, creativity, and sensuality in the Burning Man experience.

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In our second incarnation, Salon Soleil expanded its interactive features beyond discussions to include a hugely successful Healing Fair, featuring a range of massage, I-Ching, tarot, and various other healing therapies. Since then, each fair has adapted to that year’s event theme, by including psych-e-therapists in the Psyche year, for example, and soothsayers in Hope & Fear, the Future.

For 2012, we will host a healing faire for the citizens of Black Rock City, offering the same healing mainstays. All body products, like foot washes, facial spritzers, and body oils/lotions will be organic. We will also offer a battery recharging station, powered by our solar panels.

Building on our previous year’s successful fire performances, we will premiere our third annual fire opera. To conserve materials, we have decided not to build our own performance space, but to put the show on at one of the 3:00/9:00 camps that will be hosting numerous performances throughout the week.

Finally, Salon Soleil plans to maintain our reputation for being an exemplar green camp. We have always used organic food in our cooking and biodegradable soaps for washing. We are looking into using a biodegradable plastic for our evaporation pond. The majority of materials used to build our domes were bought second hand from other burners. In addition to the solar energy and battery recharging stations mentioned in above categories, we plan to compost all our food waste as we did in years past. We formed a relationship with a farm in the Bay Area that has agreed to accept all our compost, and we are looking into the possibility of their taking more so we can alert other camps to this opportunity.