Healing Faire

Last year’s Nurse Ratchett is on hiatus; in her stead are the healers from our camp and beyond. We offer Burners of all creed a menu of treatments. Massage; Facials; Cranio-Sacral work; Energy work; Witch-hazel face cleansing; Foot rubs; Animal Spirit Readings; and other things to help our community transcend. Arrive early to get your spot.

Fire Opera

Salon Soleil has presented our infamous Fire Opera for over 6 years. A combination of ass-bumping beats, mystical allusions and jaw-dropping fire dancing, this year’s Opera will celebrate nature’s eternal cycle from the nascent days of its birth through the tumultuous throes of death.

Solar Flare Promo from Solar Flare on Vimeo.

Conga Line
In years past, Salon Soleil has organized a playa-wide conga line. We aim to unite all burners with the communal feelings of joy and embarrassment that come with participating in a conga line.