Salon Soleil provides a welcoming space for personal exploration and self-expression through mental (air), physical (earth), emotional (water) and spiritual (fire) interaction with other beings. Conjuring the four elements through the medium of human experience, we invite the Burning Man community to join us in our quiet, reflective triple Do-Me Dome to explore the emotional and mental underside of your previous night’s playa play.

Do-Me Dome @ Night

Whether your mind is most alert by day or by night, whether you prefer the intimate company of a single confidant or crave some heavy inter-groupulation, Salon Soleil offers a space to enhance your Burning Man experience.

Since our first year as a theme camp, Salon Soleil has relied on a solar panel for all our energy needs. One of our founding members works professionally for an energy advocacy group. Another is a consultant that helps businesses buy green products and one of the original members of the Greening Man Committee. We draw on their knowledge to green our camp as much as possible, and use the solar panel for our camp’s power, while using the same power to offer a free battery recharging service to the entire Burning Man community.

Do-Me Dome @ Day

Our Solar Panels